What The Kitties Think Of Arnold Creek Cat Retreat


My Mom thinks I'm high maintenance - I need two oral medications twice a day, an injection of 100cc of fluids every day and I have to be coaxed to eat. She says I'm also 'fragile' because of my liver and kidney disease and that I have to be held a special way. Shirley, at Arnold Creek Cat Retreat, figured me out the 1st day. She really 'knows' cats and understands my unique personality - there aren't many who do.


- Prospero (pronounced Praus Purr Oh) Ferris

Arnold Creek Cat Retreat
Arnold Creek Cat Retreat

We look forward to vacationing at Aunt Shirley's when our Mom decides she needs a vacation from us! Aunt Shirley's Arnold Creek Cat Retreat is super - we get to watch the birdies and the squirrels, but most important is the TLC we receive during the day and evening. Plus, our Mom is reassured that all three of us are safe and secure, since we're her babies. Aunt Shirley even sends Mom e-mails and pictures of our adventures, which typically involve lounging on a wide window ledge or shelf contemplating life and the trouble we can raise when we go home. We like it so much at the Retreat, we normally need to be coaxed to leave.


- Muffin, Parker, and Maggie Thrower