What To Bring


The rooms at Arnold Creek Cat Retreat vary slightly in size, but are approximately 6' by 4' wide. All of the rooms are 7' high, so that we can walk into them.
You may bring almost any personal items you wish for your cat to have in his/her room. All rooms are furnished with fleece throws, fleece beds, ceramic food and water dishes, and a litter box with either pine pellets or clumping clay litter. A stool, covered with a fleece throw, is provided in each room, offering a place for nervous kitties to hide. If you forget your kitty's toys, we can provide them.
We strongly recommend you to bring something that has your scent on it - for example: recently worn clothing or a pillow case (if your kitty sleeps in bed with you). This often helps them settle.
We provide Royal Canin dry food and a variety of canned foods at NO additional cost. If your kitty is accustommed to a different kind of food, please bring it with you - a storage container with a lid works better than a plastic bag.
The temperature in the Cat Retreat is usually kept between 68 and 72 degrees, so most cats are toastie warm. If your kitty needs an additional heat source, we can heat the microwavable heat discs that can be inserted into cat beds to help older cats maintain body heat.
Please bring all medications, special diets and treats that your cats will need while at the Cat Retreat. Clear instructions on medications, doses, etc. can be written on the Registration Form.
Proof of vaccination for Rabies and FVRCP.