What NOT To Bring


Cats with a viral upper respiratory infection:
If your cat develops an abrupt onset of sneezing, watery eye discharge, or nasal congestion just prior to their scheduled boarding time, we may decline to board them. This decision would be made in consultation with your veterinarian. Upper respiratory infections (URI's) are highly contagious between cats. Since no vaccine provides 100% protection against these viral infections, an infected cat could cause illness in other boarders.
Please make sure your cat is free of fleas when he/she arrives at the Cat Retreat. If your cat is not currently on a flea treatment regimen, please treat them for fleas 1 week prior to their visit to the Cat Retreat.
If we see fleas on your cat or evidence of fleas (flea droppings) in your cat's room, we immediately apply Advantage to your cat, move your cat to a clean room then disinfect their original room and contents. The fees associated with this are as follows:
Provide and apply Advantage - $10.00 per cat
Disinfect room and contents - $35.00 per room
  To avoid these fees, please treat your cat(s) for fleas 1 week prior to visiting Arnold Creek Cat Retreat.
Plug-in Heat Pads or Portable Heaters:
For safety reasons, we are not able to use these appliances in the Cat Retreat.