Exceptional On-Site Care


The health and well-being of each of each guest at the Cat Retreat is our top priority.

Exceptional Everyday Care

All guests get to be out of their rooms at least two or three times a day to play and explore the main area. Only the occupant(s) of one room at a time come out so your cat will never be in contact with cats from another household. All guests are given fresh water twice daily and meals per their owner’s requests. Litter boxes are cleaned two or three times a day. We offer three types of cat litter - clumping clay, pine pellets and World’s Best Cat Litter.


We brush or comb guests who like this kind of attention and sit with and pet those who prefer that. We treat all of our guests as the individuals that they are and try to keep everyone happy.


Routine Medical Care

Cats with non-contagious ailments are welcome for boarding at the Cat Retreat. Administering routine medications such as oral tablets, insulin injections, ear, eye or other topical treatments are included in the daily boarding fee.


Special Medical Care

Our trained veterinary technicians are also capable of providing more advanced medical treatment for our guests with non-contagious ailments. We can administer sub-cutaneous fluids to your cat for an additional $10.00 per day. Additional treatments such as syringe feeding, post-operative bandage changes and glucose levels may incur additional fees.


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