The Inn Keepers


Shirley Catterall - Proprietor
Arnold Creek Cat Retreat

Shirley Catterall is the sole owner and proprietor of Arnold Creek Cat Retreat. She lives on site and is able to attend to the boarders at Arnold Creek Cat Retreat first thing in the morning, last thing at night and throughout the day. Shirley has a total of fifteen years of experience working as either a veterinary technician or owning cat boarding facilities, both in England and the United States. Prior to her current work, Shirley's background was in law enforcement. She was a Police Officer in Liverpool, England for over thirteen years. She spent the last seven years of her service as a bodyguard in the Special Branch. She has provided close personal protection to members of the British royal family, foreign dignitaries and British Cabinet Ministers. Years of pampering the pompous has been good preparation for her current role as guardian and protector of your kitties. Shirley and her partner have a daughter, 3 cats, two birds and an Irish wolfhound.

Arnold Creek Cat Retreat
Loralei - Care Provider

I have been a Certified Veterinary Technician at the same veterinary hospital for the last 23 years. Over those years I have enjoyed fostering many cats from newborn kittens to adults. My favorite job at the hospital is nursing care. I seem to have an ability to get cats to eat when they don't want everyone is always coming to me to make my "Loralei's Special Gruel"!! and somehow I have been nick-named the "Cat Whisperer". Before I became a tech I was an LPN (licensed practical nurse), a nanny, medical receptionist and worked in a mental health clinic. I have volunteered at a cat shelter and more recently at the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. I have worked with Shirley at Arnold Creek Cat Retreat since 2006. My husband and I have one cat, Moorka and a dog, Ellie Mae.


Jackie - Care Provider

Arnold Creek Cat Retreat

My relationship with Arnold Creek Cat Retreat began in 2010. Once here, I quickly realized how lucky I was to have such an enriching and rewarding job! Over the years I have been here, I have made countless new furry friends and have been able to form lasting bonds with our longtime feline guests. Arnold Creek Cat Retreat has been an oasis for me and I always look forward to going to "work"! I also currently work as a Technician Assistant at Cascade Veterinary Referral Center in Tigard, OR, and have been there since 2006. Previously, I worked for two years at Raleigh Hill Animal Clinic. I have volunteered at Cascade Ferret Network and more recently for the Oregon Food Bank. When I am not cooing over all of the lovely guests at Arnold Creek Cat Retreat, my husband and I are off on an adventure along a river or hiking up one of the many peaks in the Columbia Gorge. We live in Milwaukie, OR with our 4 cats and feral colony of 12.



Arnold Creek Cat Retreat
Sue Burkhart-Kasch - Care Provider

I started bringing Cheeto & Frito to Arnold Creek Cat Retreat in 2013. After meeting Shirley and seeing the "rooms with a view" condos, I couldn't believe I had found the perfect home away from home for the boys. They say timing is everything and it sure was when Shirley asked me to join the awesome team at Arnold Creek Cat Retreat in May of 2014. I just retired in January after 25 years at OHSU and 12 years previously as a Certified Veterinary Technician in private practices. Anything furry or feathery is my passion, so working in the Veterinary field along with pet sitting exotic birds, birding with the Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project and volunteering at the Audubon Society has been a real treat. I never thought I was a "cat person" until a stray kitten found me and needless to say became my 4 legged best buddy for 19 years! Along came two more strays over the years- all living to be senior citizens. I couldn't be cat-less for long so after a visit to the Oregon Cat Project I came home with two orange kittens. I currently live in Portland with my husband Bo, Cheeto, Frito and 5 chickens. We love traveling and any outdoor activity. Now with a bit more free retirement time, I'm really enjoying filling in at the Cat Retreat and meeting past and new clients and their four legged "best friends"!


Sara - Care Provider

Arnold Creek Cat Retreat

Sara is originally from Oklahoma where she earned her veterinary technician license and worked in a cat only hospital for 9 years. She moved to Oregon from Oklahoma with her husband and two young sons in October, 2016. Sara and her family share their home with a 90lb pooch, a one-kidneyed cat named Sprinkles and two other kitties pictured here, Amber and Yakul. Sara loves unicorns, glitter and anime. She admits that she may or may not be a dork. She is excited that the sun is finally shining in Portland and is enjoying what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.



Arnold Creek Cat Retreat
Tim - Tech Support

The reason for our occassional technical hairballs - Tech Support is just too thorough and he sometimes breaks something in the process. Yet, at the same time, he's soooo good, he can quickly fix what he breaks - so far...


Tim is the person responsible for maintaining our web site, assisting Shirley with all of her computer needs, and implementing new technologies to facilitate communication with our guest's parents.