The Inn Keepers

Shirley Catteral

Shirley Catterall – Proprietor

Shirley Catterall is the sole owner and proprietor of Arnold Creek Cat Retreat. She lives on site and is able to attend to the boarders at Arnold Creek Cat Retreat first thing in the morning, last thing at night and throughout the day. Shirley has a total of 22 years of experience working as either a veterinary technician or owning cat boarding facilities, both in England and the United States. Prior to her current work, Shirley’s background was in law enforcement. She was a Police Officer in Liverpool, England for over thirteen years. She spent the last seven years of her service as a bodyguard in the Special Branch. She has provided close personal protection to members of the British royal family, foreign dignitaries and British Cabinet Ministers. Years of pampering the pompous has been good preparation for her current role as guardian and protector of your kitties. Shirley and her partner have a daughter and a variety of pets, including 11 adorable kitties.

Sian Laird – Care Provider

Sian was born in Wales, grew up in South Africa and has been in the US for 26 years. She has been in the veterinary field for over 14 years but has cared for cats most of her life including fostering neonatal kittens. She has been working at the Cat Retreat since October of 2019 and she’s a wonderful asset.

An exterior view of Arnold Creek Cat Retreat

Misha – Care Provider

As an animal advocate of many years, Misha has worked and volunteered in various positions in the field of animal welfare and rescue.

With focus on the special needs animals, from neo-natals, geriatrics to hospice cases, Misha is also a Reiki Practitioner, an energy healing & relaxation modality, which supports animals (and humans, too) in overcoming stress and anxiety.

Tim – Tech Support

The reason for our occassional technical hairballs – Tech Support is just too thorough and he sometimes breaks something in the process. Yet, at the same time, he’s soooo good, he can quickly fix what he breaks – so far…

Tim is the person responsible for maintaining our web site, assisting Shirley with all of her computer needs, and implementing new technologies to facilitate communication with our guest’s parents.

An exterior view of Arnold Creek Cat Retreat
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